The Co-Founders

Roberto Sapienza (left) and Bryan Kling (Right) co-Founded Sapling in 2017.

Roberto Sapienza (Artistic Director/Producer/Co-Founder)

Roberto is a first generation Italian-Canadian born in Toronto, Ontario. After discovering a love for theatre in his late high-school years, he has spent his time honing his skills as an actor, musician, writer and director. Once graduating from the Randolph Academy in 2016, his passion to create equaled his passion to perform, and so, he and Bryan decided it was the right timing to launch “Sapling." 


Roberto envisioned a company that could offer a safe and supportive space that contributed to the arts. He is incredibly excited to see how the company grows over the years.

Bryan Kling (President/Producer/Co-Founder)

Bryan has been working in the theatre and pushing himself as a singer and an actor since his graduation from the Randolph Academy in 2014. Since first endeavoring into this industry Bryan dreamed of one day running a production company of his own. He is absolutely thrilled to present this next steps forward for both himself and the industry that has continuously brought him so much joy.

Sapling was Co-Founded in 2014 by Roberto Sapienza and Bryan Kling. The company was officially launched in 2017 after announcing their first concert titled: "Love, Really". Bryan and Roberto had the idea to create a company that was unlike any other. They envisioned an overwhelming feeling of culture and community present at every production and event.


Beyond that. Sapling aims to offer a space where artists can collaborate together, train, produce, create and grow. A space where teams of artists aid each other and offer to their skills to one another.

Cast of "Something For The Buoys" 

"To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first"
                                    - William Shakespeare

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